Evangeliumsgemeinschaft Mittlerer Osten e.V.


Many friends accompany the work of EMO in prayer. We are most grateful when you pray with us for the various prayer requests.

Prayer changes the world and us.

You may use all the information on our website about the different areas we are working in in your prayers. That will get you involved in our work. We are convinced that personal challenges as well as political or social challenges can be changed through prayer. So we pray for the people and the countries of the region.

Current prayer requests

- We urgently need nurses for the Al Germaniyya Hospital in Aswan. They should see this job as a service for our God and for the people there. We are praying for qualified local and foreign nurses, male or female.

- We are praying for Egyptian doctors with different qualifications who are willing to undertake longterm sevice at Al Germaniyya and can take over certain responsiblities.